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GPS Enabled Heartbeat and Temperature Monitoring System


The paper describes implementation of a GPS enabled heartbeat and temperature monitoring system on a microcontroller with a terrific effect at a practical cost. Sometimes the army wants to have a record of the soldiers that are sent for any mission or any battle. They wish to know the location and the health conditions of the soldier. So this gadget can be used by them judiciously. Optical technology is used in this system to distinguish the circulation of blood. The device consists of sensors which measures heartbeat and physique temperature of a soldier controlled through microcontroller. The paper describes how a single chip microcontroller can be used to analyze heartbeat rate signals with temperature and location of the soldier. Wireless system is used to transmit the measured data to a remote location. The heart rate and temperature of the physique is detected and the readings from these sensors are additionally processed to the microcontroller and transmitted through RF module to a remote place where it is obtained at the receiver end. The outcomes are displayed on the LCD screen. This format permits a network to be pattered between the soldier at the battle or mission and the soldier sitting at the base camp in order to allow remote monitoring through analyzing the information of soldiers. The gadget is portable so it can be taken at any place. Jeeva C, Sumit Saroha, Anav Malhotra, Akansh Jain