Improvised Formal Specification-Based Inspection and Prediction | Abstract

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Improvised Formal Specification-Based Inspection and Prediction


Inspection is commonly used for software error detection and correction. In the Formal Specification Based Inspection method, inspection is carried out to find out whether every functional scenario that is defined in the requirement specification is correctly implemented by a set of program paths. The method comprises of five steps: deriving functional scenarios from specification, deriving paths from program, linking scenarios to path, analyzing paths against the corresponding scenario, and producing an inspection report. In the proposed paper two things are dealt in the first, five more have been added to the analysis level namely: web application performance level, globalization, error handling, reusability and maintainability which detects more defects and improve efficiency of code, in the second inspection predictions are made such as defect prediction, which improves the inspection process

B.Arun Gunalan, G.Ramakrishnan

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