Lignite Transferring System Using Microcontroller | Abstract

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Lignite Transferring System Using Microcontroller


-This paper entitled “Lignite Handling System through MICROCONTROLLER” is performed to establish the remote operation of conveyors in the Fuel HandlingSystem for transferring the lignite from lignite stockpile to bunkers for every shift.The usual practice for this purpose is to use a number of relays which makes the circuit very complex. So MicroLogix1500 controller is used to reduce the circuit complexity, problems related with conventional relay logic system. We can overcome the manual operation by fully Automation, microcontroller is used to operate the machine in individual drive operation mode and Automatic operation mode. Using Indications, Interlocks and Alarm, made the system as a user friendly model.

Mrs.M.Bharathi M.Sowmiya , C.Keerthika, Aysha.G.V

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