Link Protection in DLNA Devices | Abstract

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Link Protection in DLNA Devices


The scenario of file transfers over various kinds of network is getting prevalent in today’s time. Many protocols are used to transfer files over the network among various kinds of devices, few of them being DLNA, FTP, and e-mail. There is a need of developing an additional layer of security which prevents intrusion on the file transfer which can lead to theft or misuse. We have proposed a system to plug this loophole in security by introducing an additional layer of security at the application level. The proposed system operates using blowfish algorithm to encrypt the data packets as they are streamed from one device to another. At the receiver, the incoming buffers are decrypted and written onto a file. The encrypting algorithm, though an entry-level one, generates ciphers which are considerably hard for amateur hackers to crack. The cryptographic dimension of this program can be augmented by using sophisticated algorithms on lines with AES or even incorporating digital signatures.

Pratheek Manjunath, Shruthi Sharath Siddhant Gupta, Krishna Kishore

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