Mechanical Properties and Morphology of ER/PS Blends | Abstract


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Mechanical Properties and Morphology of ER/PS Blends


Thermoplastic elastomeric blends of Polystyrene (PS) and Exudated Resin (ER) with different compositions have been prepared by solution casting method. The mechanical performance of this system has been studied in detail. Stress-stain behavior, tensile strength, elongation at break and young’s modulus was determined. The effect of blend ratio on the mechanical properties and surface hardness has been analyzed. By the addition of ER reduces the plasticity of polystyrene. The blend with 60/40 PS/ER combination exhibited comparatively better mechanical properties. 60/40 PS/ER blend ratio shows higher compatibility between the phases among the series of the blends studied. It is explained on the basis of the morphology of the blend. Various theoretical models such as series, Parallel and Halpin-Tsai have been used to fit the experimental mechanical data. Scanning Electron Microscopy was employed to analyze the surface morphology of the blend.

Vijayakumar PC, R Jeevan Kumar, Anish Johns, Ekwipoo Kalkornsurapranee, Jobish Johns

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