MEMS Accelerometer based Digital Pen Recognition using Neural Networks | Abstract

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MEMS Accelerometer based Digital Pen Recognition using Neural Networks


Now days, the growth of miniaturization technologies in electronic circuits and components has greatly decreased the dimension and weight of consumer electronic products, such as smart phones and handheld computers, and thus made them more handy and convenient. Due to the rapid development of computer technology, human– computer interaction (HCI) techniques have become an indispensable component in our daily life. Recently, an attractive alternative, a portable device embedded with inertial sensors, has been proposed to sense the activities of human and to capture his/her motion trajectory information from accelerations for recognizing gestures or handwriting. This paper presents an accelerometer-based digital pen for handwritten digit and gesture trajectory recognition applications. The digital pen consists of a tri-axial accelerometer, a microcontroller, and a Zigbee wireless transmission module for sensing and collecting accelerations of handwriting and gesture trajectories. Using this project we can do human computer interaction. Users can use the pen to write digits or make hand gestures, and the accelerations of hand motions measured by the accelerometer are wirelessly transmitted to a computer for online trajectory recognition. So, by changing the position of MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) we can able to show the alphabetical characters in the PC. The acceleration signals measured from the tri-axial accelerometer are transmitted to a computer via the wireless module.

A. Geetha Vinothini, V. Vishnu Prasath

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