Modelling Cloud Storage | Abstract

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Modelling Cloud Storage


Cloud computing is the emerging technology which emphasizes commercial computing. Cloud is a platform providing dynamic resource pools, virtualization & high availability. It’s the concept implemented to overcome our regular computing problems like hardware, software, resource availability and related aspects. Cloud computing makes it easy to have high performance computing and storage infrastructure through web services. Infrastructure abstraction is the key that users need not be aware of. As well as proving great scalability, reliability, performance, confidentiality, efficiency and configurability. Cloud computing provides everything on a commercial basis at very low cost compared to dedicated infrastructure. The cloud computing service model involves the provision, by a service provider, of large pools of high performance computing resources and high-capacity storage devices that are shared among end users as required. There are many cloud service models, but generally, end users subscribing to the service have their data hosted by the service, and have computing resources allocated on demand from the pool. This paper gives an idea on cloud storage. Storage is a service and through which user can outsource their data storage requirements to the cloud. It’s greatly important to manage the user’s large storage requirements. The paper would cover technologies in cloud computing & cloud storage, different cloud computing services and a reference model for cloud storage, its advantages & challenges.

Dr.K.P.Kaliyamurthie, D.Parameswari

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