Molecular Communication of Immune System | Abstract

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Molecular Communication of Immune System


We introduce the concept of a BAN2 with molecular communication, where messenger molecules are used as communication carrier from a sender to a receiver NM. The current state of the art of molecular communication and BAN2 in nanomedicine applications is first presented. Then communication theoretical efforts are reviewed, and open research issues are given. The objective of this work is to introduce this novel and interdisciplinary research field and highlight major barriers toward its realization from the viewpoint of communication theory. NMs to communicate with each other by using molecules as communication carriers. Among these, due to the lack of communication equipment, the nano mechanical and acoustic communication may not be feasible for the realization of the BAN2. Nanomedicine is the process that uses molecular tools and molecular knowledge of the human body to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases. Nanomedicine is a continuously growing field as nanotechnology and biotechnology develop novel nanoscale tools that can easily be adopted for promising applications.

M.P.Nirmala., C.K.Swapna

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