Monitoring Human Joint Movement UsingWearableComputing | Abstract

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Monitoring Human Joint Movement UsingWearableComputing


In this paper, a measurement system for human joint movements overseeing based on a simple and lowcost intensity modulated fibre-optic curvature sensor is presented. The implemented curvature sensor is made up of a plastic optical fibre, which is optimized for small curvature measurements, and has a high sensitivity in a wide measuring range. The actualized sensor is wearable, non-invasive, nonintrusive, and totally safe. Remote hardware dependent upon GSM are likewise exhibited. In this manner, the sensor has the likelihood of remote estimation. The primary favourable circumstances of this sensor are straightforwardness, softness, and adaptability. This sensor is likewise electrically protected and insusceptible to electromagnetic obstruction.

A.Jeethendria, S.Senthilmuguran

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