Multi-Cell Modeling | Abstract

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Multi-Cell Modeling


Proton Exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) have been received increasing attention from both the public and fuel cell community due to their great potential for transport applications. It has been widely considered as one of the most promising clean power sources because of its capability for zero-emission operation with high efficiency. In this paper, a compact model has been developed for Multi-cells in a Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell stack by using MATLAB/SIMULINK. Activation, Ohmic and Concentration losses are also considered to obtain better characteristics of fuel cell. This paper explicates how the fuel flow rate of a single fuel cell affects the stack voltage. Also this paper clearly shows that the membrane thickness of a cell affects the stack voltage in negative way. It has been shown through transient responses .This Multi-cell model will be useful for fault diagnosis methods.

M.S.Anish Fathima, Mrs.K.Latha, Dr.B.Umamaheshwari

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