Optimization of PQ Problem Using Facts Devices | Abstract

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Optimization of PQ Problem Using Facts Devices


Voltage sags/swells are the most important Power Quality (PQ) problems that many industries and utilities face. It contributes more than 80% of power quality problems that exist in power systems. Voltage sags/swells are not tolerated by sensitive equipment used in modern industrial plants. In this paper a IEEE standard 5 bus system is considered and the power quality problem was mitigated using the FACTS devices – STATCOM of 4 pulse type made of IGBT Switches. The result for the standard system was obtained by simulating the test system using MATLAB/SIMULINK. The results are provided for the system without fault condition; with fault condition and the result by application of facts devices are provided. It is proved that by using the STATCOM the power quality problem is mitigated as well the loadablity of the system is improved by twice.

S.Cauveri, C.Nayanatara

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