Personal Authentication using Fingerprint Biometric System | Abstract

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Personal Authentication using Fingerprint Biometric System


A significant step in automatic fingerprint matching is to automatically and constantly extract minutiae from the input fingerprint images. However, the presentation of a minutiae extraction algorithm relies heavily on the excellence of the input fingerprint images. In order to make certain that the presentation of an automatic fingerprint identification/verification system will be strong with respect to the excellence of input fingerprint images, it is necessary to incorporate a fingerprint enhancement algorithm in the minutiae extraction module. We present a highspeed fingerprint authentication algorithm, which can adaptively improve the simplicity of ridge and valley structures of input fingerprint images based on the estimated local ridge orientation and frequency. We have evaluated the presentation of the image enhancement algorithm using the goodness index of the extracted minutiae and the exactness of an online fingerprint verification system. An experimental result shows that the verification algorithm improves both the goodness appearance and the verification accuracy.

V Prasathkumar, Mrs. V. Evelyn Brindha

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