PIC Microcontroller based Efficient Baby Incubator | Abstract

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PIC Microcontroller based Efficient Baby Incubator


There are four million babies worldwide who die in the first month of life, one million die on their first day. Preterm birth is attributed, either directly or indirectly, to at least 25% of neonatal deaths, and low birth weight (LBW) new-borns are at the greatest risk. About half of the worldwide total, or 1.8 million babies each year, die for lack of a consistent heat until they have the body fat and metabolic rate to stay warm. This paper helps to prevent the death of such babies. The microcontroller based baby incubator helps to all peoples, the cost this project is very less than today’s baby incubator which are used in big hospital. So, everyone which belongs to economical backward also use of it. This project not only used for monitoring and controlling the temperature but also provide number of advantages such as controlling humidity, monitoring heartbeat, voice of baby, oxygen level, weight, etc.

Harshad Joshi, Dattu Shinde

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