Power Effective Wireless Street Light Control | Abstract

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Power Effective Wireless Street Light Control


The proposed remote-control system can optimize management and efficiency of street lighting systems. It uses ZigBee-based wireless devices which enable more efficient street lamp-system management, thanks to an advanced interface and control architecture. It uses a sensor combination to control and guarantee the desired system parameters; the information is transferred point by point using ZigBee transmitters and receivers and is sent to a control terminal used to check the state of the street lamps and to take appropriate measures in case of failure. Lightning systems, especially in the public sector, are still designed according to the old standards of reliability and they often do not take advantage of the latest technological developments. In many cases, this is related to the plant administrators. However, the recent increasing pressure related to the raw material costs and the greater social sensitivity to environmental issues are leading manufacturers to develop new techniques and technologies which allow significant cost savings and a greater respect for the environment. The first one, and perhaps them intuitive, is the use of new technologies for the sources of light. In this area, light-emitting diode (LED) technology is the best solution because it offers many benefits. Researchers have already considered this possibility, designing an advanced street lighting system based on LEDs. The second possible solution, and perhaps the most revolutionary, is the use of a remote-control system based on intelligent lamp posts that send information to a central control system, thus simplifying management and maintenance issues. Researchers have developed a street lamp system using the general-packet

Manikanda prabu.S., Kamal S.

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