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Preparation of Nano-Hybrid Materials Based on Pani/Peg/Zno via Biomimetic Methods


Polyaniline and its composites with PEG, ZnO have been prepared via biomimetic method. The presence of these polymers (PEG) hinders the growth of large particles due to a diffusion-limited process. The particle size decreases from PAni (60.3 nm)>PAni-PEG (42.7 nm)>PAni- ZnO (34.5 nm)>PAni-PEG-ZnO (16.1 nm). These materials have been characterized by FTIR, UV-visible, XRD, SEM, TGA and AC Impedance spectroscopy techniques. The AC Impedance measured data were simulated using CNLS fitting software in the frequency range of 10-3 Hz to 1011 Hz for best resolution using the parameters of the equivalent circuit. It was found that there was a marked difference in AC impedance spectra, corresponding equivalent circuit elements and relaxation times depending on the particle size of the nanomaterials.

Singh P,Singh RA

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