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Prosthetic Complications and Patient Satisfaction of Bar Versus Locator-Retained Overdentures in Completely Edentulous Patients. A Randomized Clinical Trial


Background: Several types of attachments have been effectively used with removable implant OVDs. They can be classified as non-splinted as locator attachments or splinted as bar attachments. Aim: The aim of this clinical study was to evaluate implant survival, maintenance requirements and patient satisfaction in fully edentulous patients who received implant overdentures retained by bar or locator attachments Materials and Methods: A total of 24 completely edentulous patients were selected from the outpatient clinic. Patients were divided into Group (I): 12 patients had received two titanium implant with bar retained overdentures and Group (II): 12 patients had received two titanium implant with locator retained overdentures. The implant survival rate, prosthodontic complications and patient satisfaction for bar retained overdentures and locator retained overdentures were recorded during an 18 months' follow-up period. Results: No implants were lost during the follow up period. Regarding prosthetic complications, it was recorded 11 times in the bar group and 13 times in the locator group but the difference is below the statistical significance for patient satisfaction, there was no statistical significant difference Conclusion: No significant difference between bar and locator attachments regarding implant survival, prosthetic complications and patient satisfaction. Further randomized clinical trials are neededg.

Wafaa Ibrahim and Nourhan Ahmed Ragheb

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