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Research & Reviews: Journal of Dental Sciences : Citations & Metrics Report

Important citations (113)
image  evaluation of the prevalence of dentin hypersensitivity and associated factors: a cross-sectional study
image  postnatal changes in the development of rat submandibular glands in offspring of diabetic mothers: biochemical, histological and ultrastructural study.
image  expression, localization and synthesis of small leucine-rich proteoglycans in developing mouse molar tooth germ.
image  evidence for programmed odontoblast process retraction after dentine exposure in the rat incisor.
image  comparison of oral health status and knowledge on oral health in two age groups of schoolchildren: a cross-sectional study.
image Peripheral giant cell granuloma associated with dental implants: a systematic review.
image Research in oral health: a career path
image Composite resin shear bond strength on bleached dentin increased by 35% sodium ascorbate application
image Endodontic management of rare aberrant root canal morphology with two palatal canals in maxillary first molar using cone beam computed tomography: a case report
image Impact of age at diagnosis on clinicopathological outcomes of oral squamous cell carcinoma patients.
image The effect of ozone gel on bone matrix production by human osteosarcoma cell line saos-2
image The study of ozone ointment on human gingival fibroblasts cell proliferation ability and anti-inflammatory
image The effect of ozone on collagen type-1 and inflammatory cytokine production in human gingival fibroblasts
image Tooth extraction, immediate implant placement: a case report nezarwatted, mohamad watad, abdulgani azzaldeen, abu-hussein muhamad* center for dentistry research and aesthetics, jatt/ israel
image “one-piece” immediate-load post-extraction implant in maxillary central incisor
image Nanotechnology implantable drug delivery system
image Biodegradable medicated chewing gum: a modernized system for delivering bioactive compounds
image Insights into fungal xylose reductases and its application in xylitol production
image Recent insights, applications and prospects of xylose reductase: a futuristic enzyme for xylitol production
image Frequency of different types of artifacts among oral and maxillofacial histopathological slides in zanjan dental school from 2015 to 2017