Protecting Streaming Data Using Provenance Spread Spectrum Watermarking | Abstract

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Protecting Streaming Data Using Provenance Spread Spectrum Watermarking


Large number of application areas, like location-based services, transaction logs, sensor networks is qualified by uninterrupted data stream from many. Chasing of data provenance in extremely active circumstance is a crucial requirement, because data provenance is a key component in appraising data trustiness which is important for lots of application. Provenance handling of continuous data needs to cover various issues, admitting the storage efficiency, processing throughput, bandwidth conception and secure transmission. This paper addresses the challenges by providing secure and efficient transmission of provenance along with sensor data by embedding it over the inter packet delays (IPDs). The embedding of provenance within a host medium makes this technique reminiscent of watermarking. Spread-spectrum based watermarking technique is proposed, that avoids data degradation due to traditional watermarking. Provenance is extracted effectively based on an optimal threshold mechanism that minimizes the probability of provenance decoding error. The outcome of the observation depicts that this system is scalable and highly resilient in provenance recovery versus several attacks up to specific level.

Ramya K P, Revathi M K

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