Real Time Battery Charging System by Human Walking | Abstract

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Real Time Battery Charging System by Human Walking


With the extend use of technology, it has been the vital function to develop something new in both software and hardware. A worn out battery or a lost charges are the two difficulties every electronic device user undergoes through. To overcome this we, the biomedical engineering students, have proposed a new technology to adopt charging of these portable electronic devices with the help of human walking. Walking is the best and common activity in day to day life. As per the study of biomechanics, we came to realize that ground reaction force (GRF) exerted from the foot, when converted into voltage gives enough power supply to run a device. While walking the person loses some energy from foot in the form of vibrations which are sensed and converted into electric form. Piezoelectric crystal does the work of generating output out of foot moment. Piezoelectric materials have the capability of absorbing mechanical energy from surroundings, especially vibrations and transform it into electric energy that can be used as power supply in real time to other appliances like mobile phones, power banks, various small handy biomedical instruments etc. This project can be implemented while jogging in the morning, gym, walking on trade-mill, in dense populated areas like railways, bus stands, etc

Phagna Esha Singh, Siddhakar Bhumi, Rami Monika

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