Reversible Information Hiding in Videos | Abstract

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Reversible Information Hiding in Videos


Confidentiality is a set of rules that prevents the disclosure of any confidential information to unauthorized individuals or systems. Confidentiality of any information can be achieved by data hiding which is a process to hide data into a cover media. That is, the data hiding process links two sets of data, a set of the embedded data and another set of the cover media data. Reversible Data Hiding in encrypted images is an emerging trend and it maintains the excellent property that the original cover can be recovered, after data was extracted. All previous methods embed data by reversibly vacating room from the encrypted images, which may be subject to some errors on data extraction and/or image restoration. In the proposed technique, a novel method by reserving room before encryption with a traditional Reversible Data Hiding algorithm is used which enables the data hider to reversibly embed data in the encrypted image. By this technique, the proposed method can achieve better confidentiality and image recovery.


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