Review of An Enhance Fracture Detection Algorithm Design Using X-Rays Image Processing | Abstract

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Review of An Enhance Fracture Detection Algorithm Design Using X-Rays Image Processing


Medical image segmentation, as an application of image segmentation, is to extract anatomical structures from medical images. In this proposal, existing methods for medical image segmentation are reviewed. According to the review, segmentation of multiple bone structures in complex x-ray images is not well studied. This leads to the proposed research topic: segmentation of bone structures in x-ray images. Atlas-based segmentation is a promising approach for solving such a complex segmentation problem. Preliminary work on atlas-based segmentation of CT and x-ray images suggests that this approach can provide a robust and accurate method for automatic segmentation of x-ray images. Using advanced technology to increase the speed and accuracy of diagnosis in a trauma environment is the most frequently used application and helps in identifying fractures and sprains. An orthopedic surgeon could utilize these tools for alignment purposes as in hip and fracture pinning, thus saving time without having to reposition the patient or imaging device. The tools available today have made it possible to innovatively extract information about human body in a convenient and economical fashion. The continuing advances made available through both hardware and software demands new techniques and enhancement of existing techniques to be developed. It is a well-known fact that there is no common method that can be applied to analyze or process all parts of a human body and the techniques are dedicated to each part separately. Owing to this demand, this paper focuses on the bone part of human anatomy.

Sachin R.Mahajan, P.H.Zope,S.R.Suralkar

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