Seam Carving for Content Aware Video Compression | Abstract

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Seam Carving for Content Aware Video Compression


Seam-carving has achieved the most widespread use with the blossom of content-aware resizing methods. This paper proposes the video retargeting method where the aspect ratio and the size of the video are reduced. It deals with the spatial and temporal coherence for the purpose of resizing videos. The proposed algorithm is mainly based on matching-area-based temporal energy adjustment. Each frame is seam carved and the corresponding optimal pixels are removed. In order to track the object it previously carved, the temporal energy adjustment is used. So carving the seam on different objects in two consecutive frames is greatly reduced. The spatially and temporally continuous resized images are obtained after this process. The seam carved frames are enhanced by both global and local process on luminance and chrominance components of the image by using the virtual histogram distribution method. The output video with reduction in both size and memory and also with the better visual quality can be obtained.

G. Suganya, S. Lavanya, G. Sheeba Farin, G. Karthick

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