Secure Routing In Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANET) | Abstract

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Secure Routing In Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANET)


A black hole attack on a MANET refers to an attack by a malicious node, which forcibly acquires the route from a source to a destination by the falsification of sequence number and hop count of the routing message. A selective black hole is a node that can optionally and alternately perform a black hole attack or perform as a normal node. Several IDS (intrusion detection system) nodes are deployed in MANETs in order to detect and prevent selective black hole attacks. The IDS nodes must be set inorder to perform the so-called ABM (Anti-Blackhole Mechanism) function, which is mainly used to estimate a suspicious value of a node according to the abnormal difference between the routing messages transmitted from the node. When a suspicious value exceeds a threshold, an IDS nearby will broadcast a block message, informing all nodes on the network, asking them to cooperatively isolate the malicious node.

Muralidharan.R , Sampathkumar.J , Palanisamy.P.N

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