Security Enforcement with Cost Assessment for Cloud Data | Abstract

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Security Enforcement with Cost Assessment for Cloud Data


The cloud computing has become universal, casting its outline over practically every feature of business process in every industry. Its success is due largely to customers’ ability to use services on demand. The cloud user can choose with a pay-as-you go packages, which has proved convenient in many industries. Transmission cost plays an important role when trying to minimize cloud cost. The cloud have to provide a trust ability to the cloud customer. Also the performance of the cloud should not be degraded while providing a privacy over the cloud data. The proposed architecture provides a cost evaluation and privacy over cloud data stored by the data owner. A parallel encryption technique provides a privacy and secured environment over cloud database. The proposed encryption model improves the performance of process computation and cost appraisal guarantees the same level of scalability and availability of the cloud service. In this paper, we propose the parallel encryption for secured data over the cloud in customer point of view. Also we will focus on the SQL-based cloud which will dynamically change.SQL databases are difficult to scale, meaning they are not natively suited to a cloud environment, although cloud database services based on SQL are attempting to address this challenge.

A. Selvi, B. Arunkumar

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