Security in Offloading Computations in Mobile Systems Using Cloud Computing | Abstract

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Security in Offloading Computations in Mobile Systems Using Cloud Computing


The progression in the technology has made very essential devices of such as aerial phones of late 80’s and Pentium 4 processor into today’s stock. None of them is comparable to the power of smart phones of this generation whose recent market has been reached its unbelievable height. We browse the Internet, send emails, organize our lives, watch videos, upload data on social networks, use online banking, find our way by using GPS and online maps, and communicate in revolutionary ways through smart phones. Many new apps are emerging at an incredible manner. We felt enthusiastic while using smart phones by installing and handling new apps, but less happy with the battery lifetime. Energy efficiency is the fundamental consideration for the mobile system. Cloud computing has the potential to save mobile client energy. But the savings from offloading the computations need to exceed the energy cost of the additional communication. If the apps are more computational intensive they can be offloaded or else they can be run in the mobile system itself. Offloading can be done from mobile system to grid-powered servers where computations are performed. Offloading depends on various parameters such as energy consumption and bandwidth. Offloading, however, causes privacy concerns because sensitive data may be sent to servers. The privacy can be protected by using two techniques such as Encryption of data and Steganography in computation offloading

S.Masiperiyannan,C.M.Mehathaf Begum,I.Mohammed Farook Ali,G.Mayuri Priya,S.Sudhakar

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