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Soy Protein Based Green Composite: A Review


Natural polymers can be obtained from natural resources such as plants, animals etc. Natural polymers are easily decomposable, ecofriendly, sustainable, low cost and help us to reduce the pollution. Soy protein is one of the most easily available biodegradable polymers. However there are some drawbacks such as low water resistance and mechanical properties that limits its application. Therefore soy protein resin was further modified and characterized to improve mechanical properties, water resistance, and productive life which could facilitate the application of soy protein. Recently, soy protein based bionanocomposites has proven to be a promising option in improving mechanical and moisture barrier properties. Soy protein based green composites show potential applications for housing, transportation and rigid packaging. The aim of this review is to discuss the current state of research in the field of soy protein based green composites

Chhavi, Deepmala KM, Singh VK, Sakshi Chauhan and Naman Jain

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