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Studies on the Production of (E,E)-geranyllinalool in E. coli


(E,E)-geranyllinalool (GL) can be used as an intermediate for chemical synthesis of several drugs as well as an insect pheromone and spice. Traditionally, (E)-nerolidol was used as a substrate to make (E,E)- geranyllinalool but the yield was low due to the multiple and complicated chemical synthesis processes. In this study, the (E,E)-geranyllinalool synthase gene (AtGES, At1g61120) from Arabidopsis thaliana was inserted into the Escherichia coli vector pET30a(+). E. coli strains containing plasmids pIRS and pGG that enable the synthesis of (E,E)-geranyllinalool precursors, when co-transformed with AtGES, were able to synthesize (E,E)- geranyllinalool with a yield up to 31.42 mg/L. This is the first report about the production of (E,E)-geranyllinalool by manipulation of multiple genes of its biosynthesis pathway in E. coli. Our results may facilitate metabolic engineering towards more cost-effective production of (E,E)-geranyllinalool in microorganisms.

Shuai Wang, Hongwei Liu, Yanfang Yang, Wei Fan, Iain W. Wilson, Qiang Wang and Deyou Qiu

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