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Telehomecare: An ICT Use Case based on M2M Communication


The advancement of communication device and internet has given us great platform for our day to day task. Use of mobile communication, wireless sensors, RFID tags, readers, computers, network, hardware, software and satellite systems gives multiple facilities like M2M communication which will be done by without human intervention. By using telecommunication technologies healthcare service to patients at their home becomes very easy. Patients can use ICT for communication to get service for heath from his own house. In this view, this paper presents different ICT applications followed by high level view of Telehomecare. This paper also explained mathematical expression of ICT convergence. This paper also gives overview of related projects which comes under ICT umbrella. At the end, this paper also discusses ICT challenges.

Parikshit N Mahalle, Poonam N Railkar, Saudagar S Barde

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