The 3C Approach for Agile Scrum Software Methodology | Abstract

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The 3C Approach for Agile Scrum Software Methodology


Agile software development methodology is becoming one of the widely used Software Development methodologies because of its light weight methods and its focus on customer satisfaction. Continuous Integration is the only technique which is used in Agile, to ensure the Software quality of the deliverable. It is the process of integrating the new source code developed to the base code, automated compiling, building the application and running the tests. SCRUM is one of the most popular Agile methodologies used in Software development. This paper introduces the implementation of 3C Approach in SCRUM. The 3C Approach adds Continuous Measurement and Continuous Improvement as subsequent activities to Continuous Integration, for ensuring quality. Continuous Measurement is the process where the metrics and measurements, which helps in the ensuring the software quality of the deliverable, are considered. Agile methodology emphasize on Agile metrics, which helps in tracking the project success and customer satisfaction. Metrics from Traditional methods will also be helpful, if combined in the right way. So, in the Continuous Measurement phase, along with Agile Metrics, traditional metrics are also considered. Continuous Improvement process helps in interpreting the measurement and metrics for planning the improvement tasks for achieving better Software Quality.

Jisha Johns, Akhil P Sivan, Prof. K Balachandran, Prof. B R Prathap

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