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The Interaction of Microbial Symbionts and the Host, Geocoris pallidipennis


The interaction of microbial symbionts and Geocoris pallidipennis (Costa) was investigated. The study identified the microbial symbionts in the host insect, G.pallidipennis by 16S rDNA sequence analyses. The results showed that major symbiotic bacteria in G. pallidipennis were Wolbachia, Lactobacillus and Uncultured bacterium. The microbial symbionts in G. pallidipennis had significant effects on physiology and development of the host. The developmental times for 1st instar, 5th instar and preoviposition of G. pallidipennis in rifampin treatment (removal of microbial symbionts) were significantly longer compared with those of the control. In addition, female weight, average egg production per female each day and egg hatching rate in the treatment (removal of microbial symbionts) were significantly lower than those of the control. The results from current study indicate that the microbial symbionts in G. pallidipennis have significantly favorable effects on host physiology and promote the growth and fecundity of G. pallidipennis.

Liang H, Zeng F and Mao J

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