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Viability of Latex Application of the Amazonian Syringe (Hevea brasiliensis) as Concrete Additive to Improve Its Physical Properties


The use of alternative materials in Civil Engineering is necessary due to environmental issues that trouble the world. The insertion of regional materials on concrete, which is one of the most essential elements in construction, is the main focus of this article. We will discuss the addition of latex from the Amazon region (Heveas brasiliensis) on the making process of concrete since the harvest of rubber is a common practice by local producers and river communities throughout the region. Considering the socioeconomic importance of the practice as a means to promote natural rubber extraction, employee turnover, and income of rubber tappers, the addition of latex will show a better performance to the concrete. The methodology has bibliographical and experimental researches, such as material characterization laboratory tests and a mechanical behavior study, which follow current technical regulations. Furthermore, future research should be conducted with means to further improving concrete by adding new components to latex.

Lucas Rodrigues, Jose Feitoza

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