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Purpose: To publish the most exciting research with respect to the subjects of Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis and to provide a rapid turn-around time regarding reviewing and publishing, and to disseminate the articles freely for research, teaching and reference purposes.

Special Issue Topics
Special issue entitled: "Advances in Pharmaceutical Analysis" is being edited by
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Biography :

Prof. Ladislav Novotny was awarded Ph.D. from Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in 1984. D.Sc. in Oncology, Slovak Academy of Sciences in 1996. Published more than 110 research papers in reputed National and International journals; having 7 patents to his credit, 158 Printed abstracts from scientific meetings. He served Kuwait University as a Dean / Acting Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy during 2003-14. Member in the Committee for Equation of Health Sciences Qualifications, Ministry of Health, Kuwait. He presently works as Professor and Ex-Dean in department of Pharmaceutical chemistry, Kuwait University.

Ladislav Novotny
Professor and Ex-Dean Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry Faculty of Pharmacy Kuwait University
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Biography :

Peter Mikus received his M.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry in 1995 from the Faculty of Natural Sciences Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. He received his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the same Faculty in 2002 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dusan Kaniansky, an excellent analyst and expert in the field of instrumental development of capillary electomigration techniques. During his Ph.D. study, in 1997, Peter Mikus joined academic and research center, namely Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto di Cromatografia in Rome, Italy. Here, he made research under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Salvatore Fanali, an expert in the field of advanced methodology and application of chiral capillary electomigration methods. From 2002 he worked at the Faculty of Pharmacy Comenius University (FP CU) as a teacher and research scientist. Peter Mikus received his Assoc. Prof. qualification in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the Faculty of Pharmacy Comenius University in 2007. Currently, he is Associate Professor, since 2010 is the Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Nuclear Pharmacy FP CU, and since 2012 is the Director of the Toxicological and Antidoping Center FP CU, dealing with an implementation of innovative analytical methods into the advanced pharmaceutical and biomedical research.

Peter Mikus
Director of Toxicological and Antidoping Center Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Nuclear Pharmacy Faculty of Pharmacy Comenius University
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