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Articles in Press

2017: Volume 6, Issue 7
Research Article:  IJAREEIE 2017; 6: 18
Co: Fe2O3, CoxZn1-xFe2O4 Thin Films Grown by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis for Gas Sensor Application
Sevda S, Mutlu K, Omer C, Muhammet Y
Research Article:  IJAREEIE 2017; 6: 19
Morphology and Optical Properties of SiO2 Embedded in Porous Alumina Matrix (Al2O3) Deposited on Transparent Polypropylene (TPP) Leaf: For Reflective Surfaces
Mondher G, Ouartani R, Ezzaouia H
Research Article:   IJAREEIE 2017; 6: 20
Speed Control of DC Motor using PID Controller Based on Different Techniques of PSO
Walaa ME, Naglaa KB, El-Sayed MI, Moustafa Hassan MA