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2017: Volume 1, Issue 1

Editorial:  Res Rev Drug Deliv: 1-2
The Creation of a New Journal in the Crucial Field of Drug Delivery
George Mattheolabakis
Editorial:  Res Rev Drug Deliv: 3-5
We can get by with a little help from our friends
Craig Russell
Editorial:  Res Rev Drug Deliv: 6-7
Drug Delivery: Current Advances and Opportunities
Christina D Drenberg
Review Article:  Res Rev Drug Deliv: 8-20
Cytotoxic Peptide Conjugates: Anticancer Therapeutic Strategies
Qian Xiao, Bo Feng, Wei Luo3 and Lichun Sun
Research Article:  Res Rev Drug Deliv: 21-28
Multivesicular Liposomes Loading with Ursolic Acid Enhanced the In Vitro Antitumor Activity on Hepatic Carcinoma Cells
Liu L, Ke F, Li C, Zhang X, Chao Pi, Li Wang, Siyun Ke, Yuling L and Zhirong Zhong
Editorial:  Res Rev Drug Deliv: 29-31
Stability of Bioreducible Drug Delivery System: A Non-Simplistic View
Wenchao Sun
Review Article:  Res Rev Drug Deliv: 32-40
Drug Delivery and Nanoformulations for the Cardiovascular System
Geldenhuys WJ, Khayat M, Yun J and Mohammed Nayeem A