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2021: Volume 12, Issue 1

Review Article:  grcs
GIS-Based Geological Mapping in Achanakmar-Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve, Central India
Abhishek Kr. Maurya*1, S.K. Tripathi2 and Sandeep Kr. Soni1
Review Article:  grcs
A Hybrid Hierarchical Control Plane for Software-Defined Network
Arpitha T1, Usha K Patil2
Review Article:  grcs
Numerous Zones of Cloud Computing in Information Technology – Survey
 C. Edward Jaya Singh*1, E. Baburaj2 and W.R. Sam Emmanuel1
Review Article:  grcs
Augmented Reality in Industry 4.0
Francesco De Pace*, Federico Manuri, Andrea Sanna
Review Article:  grcs
Medical Image Encryption and Compression Using Masking Algorithm Technique
 G. Thippanna*1, T. Bhaskara Reddy2, C. Sasikala3 and P. Anusha Reddy4
Review Article:  grcs
Knowledge Management and Web Ontologies: The Clinical Diagnostic Process Scenario for Ehealth Delivery Model
 Onkar S. Kemkar 1