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2021: Volume 10, Issue 12

Research Article:   J Botanical Sci
Effectiveness of Madre De Cacao Leaves Extract Gliricidia Sepium, Guava Leaves Extract Psidium Guajava & Natural Vinegar Dilute Acetic Acid in Eradicating Mosquito wrigglers Culicidae Diptera
John Michael Sasan, Stephanie T. Gamboa, Jermaine L. Gadiano, Anthony John C. Edoloverio, and Clint MJ O. Camangyan*
Commentary:   J Botanical Sci
Phytochemical and Biological studies of Anthocerotophyta
Yoshinori Udwiczuk
Commentary:   J Botanical Sci
Biochemical and Genomic Features of Azospirillum
Jessica Quecine
Short Communication:   J Botanical Sci
Identification and Biological Control of Pseudomonas Solanacearum in Plants
Liang Xiang
Opinion Article:   J Botanical Sci
Detection and Control of Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus
Dhruvil Chauhan
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