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Journal of Botanical Sciences
is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that aims to publish high quality research on Plant Science, Cell and Molecular Plant Biology, Ethnobotany and Forestry, Lichenology, Paleobotany and Palynology, Plant Anatomy, Plant Genetics and Plant Morphology, Plant Physiology, Primary and Secondary Metabolites, Plant Breeding and Cultivation, Plant Nutrition, Plant Stress and Resistance, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Floriculture, Phytochemistry, Plant Pathology, and Phytopharmacological Activities.

Research & Reviews: Journal of Botanical Sciences accepts various formats of literary works such as research articles, reviews, abstracts, addendums, announcements, article-commentaries, book reviews, rapid communications, letters to the editor, annual meeting abstracts, conference proceedings, calendars, case-reports, corrections, discussions, meeting-reports, news, obituaries, orations, product reviews, hypotheses and analyses.

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We are delighted to invite Eminent Scientists, Academicians and Researchers to submit their original research articles for publication. Research & Reviews: Journal of Botanical Sciences an International journal publishing quarterly on the aspect of Botany for an effective scientific reading and public view with an aim to reach the world wide researchers.

Peer Review :

The Journal adopts Peer Review Process to ensure quality and uses Editorial Tracking System for manuscript submission, review and tracking its status.Review process is performed by the editorial board members of Journal of Botanical Science or outside experts. Two independent reviewers approval followed by editor's approval is required for acceptance of any citable manuscript.

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Botanical Science

Botanical science is the branch of science which deals with study of plant. Botanical research has diverse applications in providing staple foods and textiles, in modern horticulture, agriculture and forestry, plant propagation, breeding and genetic modification, in the synthesis of chemicals and raw materials for construction and energy production, in environmental management, and the maintenance of biodiversity.

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Plant Pathology

Plant pathology is also known as phytopathology and it is the scientific study of diseases in plants caused by pathogens and environmental conditions or physiological factors. Organisms that cause infectious disease include fungi, oomycetes, bacteria, viruses, viroids, virus-like organisms, phytoplasmas, protozoa, nematodes and parasitic plants.

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Plant Taxonomy

Plant taxonomy is the science that finds, identifies, describes, classifies, and naming of plants. Thus making it one of the main branches of taxonomy i.e,the science that finds, describes, classifies, and names living things. Three major aims of plant taxonomy are the identification, classification and description of plants.

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