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2015: Volume 4, Issue 2

Editorial:  Journal of Botanical Sciences
Phytophagous Mites Infestation in Rice Plants and Defense Strategies
Edina Aparecida dos Reis Blasi, Giseli Buffon, Joseli Schwambach, Raul Antonio Sperotto
Research Article:  Journal of Botanical Sciences
Biological Effects of an Aqueous Extract of Phthirusa pyrifolia (Kunth) Eichler Leaves
Romero M.P.B. Costa, Vivianne Ferreira Araujo, Antônio F.M. Vaz, Elizabeth S. Neves, Maria T.S. Correia, Maria G. Carneiro-da-Cunha
Editorial:  Journal of Botanical Sciences
Arsenic in Rice: A Recent Update
Manju Shri and Debasis Chakrabarty
Research Article:  Journal of Botanical Sciences
Bioproduction, Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Activities of Compounds from Chlorella vulgaris
Danielli M.M. Dantas, Romero M.P.B. Costa, Maria G. Carneiro-da-Cunha, A. O. Galvez, A. R. Drummond, and Ranilson S. Bezerra
Research Article:  Journal of Botanical Sciences
Sequestered Standing Carbon Stock in Selective Exploited Timbers Grown in Tropical Forest: a Case Study from the National Park of Lobeke (Cameroon)
Noiha Noumi Valery, Zapfack Louis, Ngueguim Jules Romain, Tabue Mbobda Roger Bruno, Ibrahima Adamou and Mapongmetsem Pierre Marie
Research Article:  Journal of Botanical Sciences
Do Nutrients Affect Ecotoxicological Responses of Aquatic Species? Preliminary Results on Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Phaeodactylum tricornutum
Monia Renzi, Cristiana Guerranti
Short Communication:  Journal of Botanical Sciences
The Radiobiological Effect of Low Dose Ionizing Radiation on Visual Organs
Manshuk Yeltokova
Research Article:  Journal of Botanical Sciences
Computational Prediction, Target Identification and Experimental Validation of miRNAs from Expressed Sequence Tags in Cannabis sativa. L
Ganesh Selvaraj Duraisamy, Ajay Kumar Mishra, Jernej Jakse and Jaroslav Matousek
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