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2016: Volume 5, Issue 1

Editorial:  Journal of Chemistry
Eutrophication and Living Beings
Richa Khare, Smriti Khare and Devdutt Chaturvedi
Editorial:  Journal of Chemistry
Green Chemistry for Nanotechnology: Opportunities and Future Challenges
Preeti Nigam Joshi
Editorial:  Journal of Chemistry
Sesquiterpene Lactones: A Versatile Class of Structurally Diverse Biologically Potent Scaffolds in Drug Discovery Research
Devdutt Chaturvedi and Parmesh K Dwivedi
Review Article:  Journal of Chemistry
Aromatic-Aromatic Interactions in Biological System: Structure Activity Relationships
Rajagopal Appavu, Deepa Mohan and Govindaraju Munisamy
Research Article:  Journal of Chemistry
Understanding to Hierarchical Microstructures of Crab (Chinese Hairy) Shell as a Natural Architecture
Chuanqiang Zhou, Xiangxiang Gong and Jie Han
Research Article:  Journal of Chemistry
Synthesis and Evaluation of Antitumor Activities of Novel Fused Uracil Derivatives
Samar A El-Kalyoubi, Eman A Fayed
Research Article:  Journal of Chemistry
Novel Zinc(II) Complexes with Thiadiazole Containing Schiff Bases: Syntheses and Structural Characterization
Naveen KRM, Shiva PK, Nayak S and Prasad N