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2017: Volume 6, Issue 3

Short Communication:  RROIJ: Journal of Chemistry
Nanocapsulated Antioxidants in Combating Mitochondrial Generated Oxidative Stress in Cerebral Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury
Sibani Sarkar
Research Article:  RROIJ: Journal of Chemistry
DFT Investigation on Characteristics and Properties of Lithium Borohydride Clusters
Cheng Yang, Fang Li and Shihai Yan
Mini Review:  RROIJ: Journal of Chemistry
Antibacterial Activity of Benzimidazole Derivatives: A Mini Review
Devendra Singh Negi, Goutam Kumar, Mahender Singh and Navneet Singh
Research Article:  Journal of Chemistry
Synthesis and Comparative Study of Highly Thermally Stable IPNs from Natural Resources like Cardanol and Soybean Oil
Satpathy B and Pal NC
Research Article:  Journal of Chemistry
Facile Synthesis of TiO2/Bi2O3 Heterojunctions for the Photocatalytic Degradation of Water Contaminants
Prisca Yvette Ayekoe, Didier Robert and Droh Lanciné Goné
Research Article:  RROIJ: Journal of Chemistry
On an Experimental Study of the Electron Generation Property of Thin Gold Films
Mehran Vagheian, Shahyar Saramad, Dariush Rezaie Ochbelagh1 and Dariush Sardari