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2018: Volume 7, Issue 4

Research Article:  RROIJ: Journal of Chemistry
Development of a New Reservoir-Friendly Drilling Fluid for Higher Gas Production
Abdullah Al-Yami, Vikrant Wagle*, Mohammed Jubran, Marwan Al-Mulhim
Review Article:  RROIJ: Journal of Chemistry
Emulsifiers Used in Designing Emulsion Based Drilling Fluids
Al-Yami AS, Wagle Vikrant*, Al Shaikh Abrar and Al-Bahrani Hussain
Research Article:  RROIJ: Journal of Chemistry
Synthesis and Spectral Kinetic Study of Fe (II) Demi-Macrocyclic Complex with N2O2 Ligand Ion
Sameena Rasheed, Arvind Prasad Dwivedi*, Khan MU, Mir Bilal Parvaiz
Research Article:  RROIJ: Journal of Chemistry
Spectrophotometric studies of the Charge Transfer Complexes Polyvinyl carbazole with Trinitrofluorenone
Sakki B, Maghchiche A*, Nasri A, Bouras O, Haouam A

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