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2014: Volume 2, Issue 3

Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Distribution of Various Developmental Dental Anomalies in Uttar Pradesh: A Hospital Based Study.
Shalini Gupta, Kavita Nitish Garg, Amay Tripathi, and Om Prakash Gupta
Case Report:  Dental Sciences
Management of Antibiotic Induced Oral Manifestation of Erythema Multiforme: A Case Report and Concise Review.
Anuradha Ganesan, and Gautham Kumar
Case Report:  Dental Sciences
Pyogenic Granuloma in an Old Age Female: A Case Report.
Somya Garg, Ashish Yadav, and Devaraj CG
Case Report:  Dental Sciences
Management of Complex Root Canal Anatomy of Maxillary Central Incisor with Calcified Canal.
Sagar Natvarlal Bumtaria, Vidhi Shah, Mahendra Patel, and Pooja Patel.
Case Report:  Dental Sciences
Displacement of an Implant into the maxillary Sinus: A Report of an Rare Surgical Complication and Treatment Options.
Anand Farias, Sushma Ramaswamy, Haifa B, Nithika Manohar, and Manoj Varma
Case Report:  Dental Sciences
Compound Odontoma: In a Nut Shell: Case Report.
Arati C Koregol, Nagaraj B Kalburgi, Rahman Fatru, and Harshal Chaudhari
Review Article:  Dental Sciences
Miniscrews: Clinical Application of Orthodontic.
Abu-Hussein Muhamad, and Watted Nezar
Dental ilan
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