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2021: Volume 9, Issue 1

Short Communication:  RRJDS
Dental union abnormalities -
 Fabiana Martinez
Short Communication:  RRJDS
Effect of socio-demographic variables on caries among preschool Saudi children
 Mohammed Abdullah Alkahtani
Short Communication:  RRJDS
Frail elderly-dental outreach-the future in 3-D
 Jon Strom
Short Communication:  RRJDS
The awareness of Turkish athletes about benefit of mouth guard use during sport
 Merve Aydemir Ordu, Serdar Baglar, Merve Aydemir Ordu, Esra Korkmaz Torun and Sevgi Yurt Oncel
Short Communication:  RRJDS
The evaluation of whitening effectiveness of toothpastes containing blue covarine -
 Esra Korkmaz Torun, Merve Aydemir Ordu, Serdar Baglar and Sevgi Yurt Once