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2021: Volume 9, Issue 2

Short Communication:  jds
Dentistry Congress 2019: Success in the use of hyaluronic acid in the orofacial harmonization: A case report - Andrade Gomes Shimazu Cristiane - Unifatea
 Andrade Gomes Shimazu Cristiane
Short Communication:  jds
Dentistry Congress 2019: Total approach concept for atrophic maxilla treatment: Nasal, pterygoid and zygomatic implants using a minimally invasive technique with piezoelectric instrumentation - Andrea Tedesco - University of Pisa
 Andrea Tedesco 
Short Communication:  jds
Dentistry Congress 2019: Evaluation of key factors in implant system selection between Dentists - Mohsen Maleki Gorji - Islamic Azad University
 Mohsen Maleki Gorji 
Short Communication:  jds
Dentistry Congress 2019: Mouthwashes: Effect on surface hardness and accuracy of light-cured composite - Saja Ali Muhsin - Middle Technical University
 Saja Ali Muhsin and Ihab Nafe’a Yaseen 
Short Communication:  jds
Dentistry Congress 2019: The antibacterial activity of Satureja hortensis extract and essential oil against oral bacteria - Sana Dibazar - Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Science
 Sana Dibazar and Leila Golpasand Hagh 
Case Report:  RRJDS
A Giant Sub-Mandibular Sialolith: A Case Report
Jawahar Anand
Research Article:  JDS
Guided bone regeneration in Immediate Dental Implants
Review Article:  RRJDS
Teaching of Bioethics and Competence-based learning for the Professional exercise of Postgraduate Students
Ana María Carlos-Erazo , Almintor Giovanni Torres Quiroz and María del Socorro Barriga Flores  
Dental ilan
Elektronik Sigara