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2021: Volume 10, Issue 5

Review Article:  rroijjmb
Antimicrobial Peptides: A New Alternative for Food Preservation.
Aline Buda dos Santos-vaz*, Jesseleine Cristine Monteiro da Silva and Saulo Santesso Garrido
Review Article:  rroijjmb
Bacterial Biofilm-Its Composition, Formation and Role in Human Infections
Muhsin Jamal1*, Ufaq Tasneem1, Tahir Hussain1 and Saadia Andleeb
Research Article:  rroijjmb
Cloning Efficiency Evaluation- Based on the Production of Cloned Diannan Miniature Pigs
Weirong Pan1#, Guozhong Zhang1#, Yubo Qing1 , Honghui Li1 , Wenmin Cheng1 , Xin Wang1,3, Xiaobing Li1,2, Yingchao Liu1 , Yuanyuan Qi1,2, Jia Wang1 , Liangxue Lai1 , Hong-Ye Zhao4*, Hong-Jiang Wei1,2*
Research Article:  rroijjmb
Quantitative Analysis of the Abundance and Composition of Nitrifying Bacteria on Simultaneous Nitrification and Denitrification in SBBR
Hongwei Rong*, Jingyin Wang, Chaosheng Zhang and Guanhua Gao
Research Article:  rroijjmb
Regulatory Role of Casein Glycomacropeptide (CGMP) in the Faecal Flora of Mice with Ulcerative Colitis
Zhu Ming, Xueji Liu, Yali Yan, Guangchang Pang, Qingsen Chen*
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