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2022: Volume 11, Issue 5

Perspective Article:  jpps
Factors and Barriers that Affect Drug Metabolism
Nitin Pandey
Perspective Article:  jpps
Treatment and Management of Drug-Resistant Epilepsy
Prerana Srinivas
Commentary:  jpps
Novel and Current Efforts in Drug Delivery System
Prerana Srinivas
Commentary:  jpps
Stages and Timeline of Pharmaceutical Formulation
Robert Peter
Research Article:  jpps
Formulation, Evaluation and Antimicrobial activity of Evolvulus alsinoides Cream
Athulya Chinnu Roy *, Ashna Aji Haneef, Ashly S Abraham, Anjana S, Abini Daniel M, Ansa Mathew
Research Article:  RRJPPS
Comparative LC-ESI/MS Chemical Profile, HPLC Analysis of Isoflavonoids and Genetic Diversity of Five Soybean Genotypes
Suzan Adib Minaa, Howaida Ibrahim Abd-Alla, Rasha Mohamed Lithy, Marwa Mohamed Abd-Elmotaleb
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