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2023: Volume 12, Issue 4

Research Article:  RRJPPS
Leveraging a Necroptosis Pattern to Predict the Prognosis and Drug Sensitivity of Ovarian Cancer
Chang-Zhong Li*, Na Su, Ping-Ping Cai, Xiao-Xue Yin, Hong-Min Xu, Zhi-Qiang Dou
Research Article:  RRJPPS
Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Perspectives of Licofelone Drug
Iqra Rahat*, Yash Verma, Kaneez Fatima, Garima Garg, Umar Farooq
Research Article:  RRJ Pharm Pharm Sci
Assessing the Effectiveness of Sequential Embryo Transfer in the RIF Patients
Xingnan Liu*, Na Zhang*
Research Article:  RRJ Pharm Pharm Sci
TRP Gene Family as a Prognostic Marker for Kidney Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma: Analysis of TCGA Data
Jiaxin Wang1,2, Xin Zhang1,2, Renhui Xiong1,2, Qian Zhang1,2, Zhong Luo1,2, Guyue Hu1,4, Lei Niu1,2,3*
Case Series:  RRJ Pharm Pharm Sci
Emergence of Othello Syndrome (Morbid Jealousy) in the Context of Executive Dysfunction and Stroke
Graham Blackman1,2*, Elina Ziukelis2,3, Florian Ruths2, Joerg Ederle4, Jacob Bird5, Lina Nashef4, Sylvia Hejda Forde3, Vaughan Bell3,6, David Okai2,3,7
Research Article:  RRJ Pharm Pharm Sci
Contamination and Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Soil Surrounding an Electroplating Factory in JiaXing, China
Tingting Liu*1,2, Zhen Wang3
Research Article:  RRJ Pharm Pharm Sci
The Prognosis of Optical Coherence Tomography-Guided Versus Intravascular Ultrasound-Guided Implantation of Drug-Eluting Stents: A Meta-Analysis from Randomized Controlled Trials
Shen Wang, Shuaifeng Sun, Yue Wang, Fadong Li, Xiaofan Wu*
Commentary:  RRJPPS
Interdisciplinary Relationship between Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacological/Pharmaceutical Concepts Involved
Danielle Ramsey*
Commentary:  RRJPPS
Future Challenges Involved in Computer Assisted Drug Design and its Optimization
Rubella Mitchell*
Commentary:  RRJPPS
Role of Community Pharmacies and Technicians Involved in Medical Distribution
Kingsley Moore*
Commentary:  RRJPPS
Pharmacist Role in Dispensing the Medicament With and Without Prescription
Kieran Bailey*
Review Article:  RRJPPS
Acute Myeloid Leukemia A Review of Diagnosis and Treatment
Hanuman Borkar*
Research Article:  RRJPPS
Ziwuliuzhu Acupuncture Modulates Glu/GABA‑Gln Metabolic Loop Abnormalities in Insomniac Rats
Ao Huang, Dajin Pi, Yiliu Chen, Pin-Hsuan Lee, Yusen Huang, Zuying Hu, Zifeng Zhuang, Peng Qing*, Canghuan Zhao*