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2018: Volume 7, Issue 2

Research Article:  Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
The Effects of the Novel Herbal Drug Gamijakyakgamchobuja-Tang (KCHO-1) on Neuropathic Pain in Mice
Minjun Ji, Do Ho Kim, Dong Woung Kim, Bong Keun Song, Ilhong Son, Kwang won Seo, Jiwoong Kim, Sungchul Kim and Kyung-sun Kang
Short Communication:  Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
12C-Beam Induces More Chromosomal Damage In Chemo-Radio-Resistant Cells Than 16O-Beam
Utpal Ghosh, Regina Lichti Binz, Ratan Sadhukhan, Asitikantha Sarma, Subrata Kumar Dey,Martin Hauer-Jensen, Rupak Pathak
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