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2018: Volume 4, Issue 1

Short Article:  IPCBPC
Comparitive Study of Mean Platelet Value (Mpv) in Type 2 Diabetis Patients with and without Foot Ulcers
Short Article:  IPCBPC
Utilisation of Plastic Surgery Theatres in a Single UK Centre
 Harry Lobb
Short Article:  IPCBPC
Complete Mesocolic Excision and Central Vascular Ligation in Colon Cancer Surgery, Feasibility and Outcome
 Mohamed Ibrahim
Short Article:  IPCBPC
Analysis of Prosthetic Mesh Repair in Obstructed Inguinal Hernia
 Muhammad Harris Siddique
Research Article:  RRJSS
Capacity Building of ASHA in the Monthly Meeting Platforms in PHC and CHC in Uttar Pradesh, India
Tridibesh Tripathy, Shankar Das and Zahra Ladak-Merchant
Research Article:  RRJSS
"Islamic State's" Destruction: Thanks to Russia or the USA?
Vladimir Liparteliani
Review Article:  RRJSS
Cretan Hieroglyphs Numerals: A Brief Information
Eka Ratna Acharya
Review Article:  RRJSS
Exclusion through Development: The Kerala Experience
M Kunhaman
Review Article:  RRJSS
Global Value Chain Evolution, Feature and Significance: Literature Review
Mereru W Rundassa and Daniel K Azene
Mini Review:  RRJSS
MA Students of Literature and Translation Studies: Between Competence and Performance
Gibran Banhakeia and Ilam Miri