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2023: Volume 9, Issue 1

Commentary:  J Soc Sci
A Commentary on Property and Inequality: Housing Dynamics in Nineteenth-Century Cities
Richard Rodger*
Review Article:   RRJ Soc Sci
Analysis of National and International Factors that Influenced Implementing Reforms in Jordan
Anas N. Al-Rabadi*, Rania F. Al-Rabadi
Opinion Article:   RRJ Soc Sci
The Interdisciplinary Approach and Scale of Geographic Analysis
Kanbiro Orkaido Deyganto*
Short Communication:  RRJSS
A Short Note on Science Education and its Importance
David Makwerere*
Commentary:   RRJ Soc Sci
Ethnography: Understanding the Complexities of Human Behaviour
Saraswathi Reddy
Perspective Article:   RRJ Soc Sci
Interconnection between Political Geography and Globalization
Siham Soulaimi
Opinion Article:   RRJ Soc Sci
Uncovering the Past: The Role of Archaeology in Shedding Light on Human History
Danielle Ramsey
Research Article:  J Soc Sci
Using Google Trends: To Assess Public Interest on Wind Energy
Alexandra Perju-Mitran1, Raul-Augustin Mitran2, Daniela Zirra1*, George Căruţaşu1
Commentary:  J Soc Sci
Commentary on Systematic Review of Service user and Carer Involvement in Qualifying Social Work Education
Selwyn Stanley1* Martin Webber2
Commentary:  J Soc Sci
Political Pre-Condition for Industrialisation Promoting Social Security Development through Chinese Case Before the Reform
Huang Guan*